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Excused Absence Form

Please review the information regarding absences from mandatory rehearsals below. Please use the button below to fill out the Excused Absence Form. 

6.2. Company Rehearsals 

In order to prepare for Company Performances, South Dayton Dance Theatre has rehearsal time reserved from South Dayton School of Dance on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays/Saturdays. Every effort is made by the SDDT Faculty to end rehearsals on time (9:15pm M/W/F; 6:30pm Saturday). Sunday rehearsals are held only under extraordinary circumstances (guest partnering schedule conflicts, etc…).  Specific rehearsal times are listed by piece and documented on the SDDT Call Board. 


If your dancer is cast in a specific piece, the rehearsal times set for that piece are MANDATORY. Alternatively, if your dancer is not cast in a specific piece, they are free from rehearsal during that time. Training Company members typically have rehearsal 2 days/week (Fridays and Saturdays), where rehearsal times gradually increase with each level of Company. 


The Company Call Board is updated regularly and it is recommended that you check the call board daily during the season for updates: 

6.2.1. Rehearsal Absences 

South Dayton Dance Theatre Rehearsals are MANDATORY for Company Members. Missing rehearsal affects the entire cast – both the dancer that is missing new choreography and the cast that cannot properly space or time their piece if someone is missing. Excused Absences 

Exceptions are made for excused absences as long as the Absence Form is submitted to the SDDT Artistic Director a minimum of two (2) calendar weeks prior to the event. If approved, the dancer is responsible to let the SDDT rehearsal tech faculty member know they will be absent.  Excused absences cannot exceed more than one consecutive week of rehearsals.  


  • Dancer’s Academic Spring Break  

    • If different from SDSD Spring Break 

  • Academic Mandatory Event  

    • School event that counts for a grade (band concert, science fair, overnight field trip, etc…) 

  • Family Wedding/Funeral  

    • Immediate family events only 

  • Illness/Medical Treatment 

  • Religious Holiday/Ceremony 

  • College Audition/Visit 

    • 3 days/trip and up to 3 trips/season 

  • Summer Dance Program Audition 

    • If less than 200 mi away, max of 3 days/season If more than 200 mi away, max of 2 days/season 

  • Dancer’s Academic Prom 

    • Must give 3-week advance notice Un-Excused Absences 

Activities outside of religious or school functions constitute an un-excused absence from Company rehearsals. South Dayton Dance Theatre understands that dancers may voluntarily miss a rehearsal for an event not on the approved excused absence list. It is for this purpose that South Dayton Dance Theatre provides four (4) floating excused absences for use during the dance season.  


An Absence Form should still be submitted to the SDDT Artistic Director a minimum of three (3) calendar weeks prior to the event so that every attempt to schedule rehearsals around conflicts can be made. If a rehearsal cannot be moved, the dancer will use one of their four (4) floating excused absences and is responsible to let the SDDT rehearsal tech faculty member know they will be absent. 


  • Family Trip/Vacation 

    • When taken other than during SDSD Breaks 

  • Family/Friend Party 

    • Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Skating Party 

  • School Dance (exception is Prom) 

    • Junior High Dances, Homecoming, Turn About, etc… 

  • School Club Functions 

    • Girl Scouts, Destination Imagination, Robotics Club, etc… 

  • School Extra Curiculars 

    • Football/Basketball/Soccer/Cheer, School Plays 

  • Any other event that does not fall under one of the EXCUSED ABSENCES EXAMPLES​


6.3. Company Performances & Workshops 

Company Members are required to attend all Company performances and workshops. Participation is MANDATORY for all tech and dress rehearsals, including performance day warm up classes. The following are the required seasonal requirements:  

  • Non-Company Nutcracker Auditions 

  • Company Nutcracker Auditions  

  • Nutcracker Performances 

  • Adjudication Showing 

  • Spring Concert 

  • RDA National Festival (optional if not performing or understudy) 

  • South Dayton School of Dance Recital

  • South Dayton School of Dance Open House, if requested by Artistic Director 

  • Other Performances/Events as published on call board 

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